Voice Memo: Oversexed

by Monarcadia

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Recorded as the title suggests on the voice memo iPhone function, this project was performed as a live improvisation at my house on March 23, 2015. The "Voice Memo" project will continue as an indefinite series of one-off performances to highlight the importance of improvisation as not only part of the creative process but also an end in itself. I believe that with digital recording and software production methods, more music is becoming meticulously calculated, departing from raw emotional happenstance. My "Voice Memo" project deliberately defies that approach to recording and production that is so currently prevalent by doing almost the exact opposite: improvising a full performance, using a hardware mixer to adjust amplitude of various parts live, and simply hitting "RECORD" on the iPhone's voice memo app and "STOP" when it felt done. [NOTE: the mixer was for live adjustment. The was no actual direct input involved in the actual recording. The iPhone was perched next to the amp out of which all of the equipment was routed.] With "Voice Memo", I would like to emphasize the importance of intuition and trust of one's own instincts in the act of creation.

This first piece is titled "Oversexed" to be representative of an oversexed mindset, which I would like you to consider as a process of recovery from some sort of sexual trauma. Someone oversexed usually has life-disturbing problems with intimacy because of some sort of premature exposure to the complexities of sexuality.

"Oversexed" is a three-movement improvisation meant to be listened to in its entirety in one sitting. The piece progresses from the speaker's mournful fantasy of love--demonstrating feelings of intense attachment to the lover--to the "trigger" moment wherein chaos is introduced, hypnotizing the speaker away from verbal communication into the final movement, itself representing a symbolic or literal intoxication in which the speaker finds some kind of palliation.

For the sake of convenience re bandcamp's formatting, these three movements have been split into separate tracks, but please know that there will be no individual track download available. Again this is meant to be experienced in full.



released March 24, 2015

All songs (music and lyrics) performed, recorded, and then written by Monarcadia (Alaric W. Lopez).



all rights reserved




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